Enduro Training & Tours

Looking for an Adventure ?

On this page you will find all the information about our Enduro & Offroadtours. Some of them will be operated from our trusted Partners:


  • GS Adventure : The special Enduro Training, with certified BMW Motorrad Instructor  
  • Erzberg Adventure: for skilled motorcycle riders, who are looking for Special challenge. 
  • BMW Enduro Camp Portugal: Off Road Portugal holidays under the sun of Algarve
  • Enduro All Inclusive in der Turkey: Special trips in the winter season November - April 
  • Privattrainings for Singleperson or Groups


We have the right adventure for everyone:


Our off-road tours a perfect for people who have never been on gravel and want to see how it works. We offer tours for beginners and also for experienced riders. The best way is to book one of our Training & Tour programs, so you can learn how to handle your bike off-road. 


Just contact us we are happy to answer your questions!