Rental Prices For Rider Equipment

Rental prices for a complete equipment

Helmet and suit - if available also boots and gloves

1 day:

2 days:

3 days and longer:

Weekend rental*:

€ 70,00/day

€ 60,00/day

€ 50,00/day

€ 130,00/weekend

* pick-up on Friday afternoon (till 2pm at the latest), return of gear between 9 and 12am.

Rental prices for helmets only


1 day:

3 days and longer:


€ 20,00/day

€ 15,00/day



Security guarantee: For gear rental you will have to deposit the amount of € 500,00 for a complete equipment respectively of € 200,00 for helmet rental only in form of a completed credit credit card form at MTR Tour. In case the rider gear will be returned with no more than the usual traces of use the credit card form will be destroyed and your credit card will not be charged.