About Us

Welcome to MTR Tour:


MTR Tour stands for "Make The Right Tour" so the name is program and we like to offer our customers the right tour.


You can choose one of our regular tours on the homepage, or we would be happy to create a customized tour for you.

MTR Tour is specialized on custom made On & Offroad tours "all inclusive", with motorcycle, BMW certified guide/trainer, routing, accommodation, food, support van, rider equipment, so basically everything you need for a tour.


Our team of experienced BMW Certified ITA tour guides & IIA trainers and our passion for motorcycle tours will guarantee a perfect tour arrangement for you - far away from the daily stress but very close to yourself!


Choose your favorite motorcycle, take some days off and enjoy an unforgettable time.


Looking forward to welcome you on one of our tours.


Archie Greene

CEO of MTR Tour GmbH & Co. KG

Tour guide and Instructor